EPA Deadline Update


The United States’ Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is in the process of extending the Formaldehyde emissions deadline.


To extend this deadline, the Agency will have to complete a formal rulemaking process for formaldehyde emission standards for composite wood products.


Back in May, the agency made arrangements to change the rule; by June 8 nine comments were made about the deadline, two of which were complaints stating that the deadlines are still too tight.


The complaints stated that finished goods that follow the timeline set out by the agency will begin arriving in the US in May 2018, but a lot of inventory will still be passing TSCA inventory and customs in June 2019. Because of this, the agency will extend the following three deadlines:


–        12 December 2017 date for emission standards, record keeping and labelling provisions will now be 22 March 2018;


–        12 December 2018 date for import certification provisions will be 22 March 2019; and


–        12 December 2023 date for provisions applicable to producers of laminated products to 22 March 2024


Comments on this update will be submitted when the EPA has issued the final rule.




For more information, please visit chemicalwatch.com.


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