We are excited that you have chosen to consider using Nexreg as a resource for quality chemical regulatory compliance. We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our company. 



Nexreg Compliance Inc. is a full Service chemical product MSDS/SDS authoring, and consumer/industrial label review company. The Nexreg team of consultants and partners are experts on chemical product related regulations in key jurisdictions, and facilitators of chemical product management worldwide.



In the beginning


Nexreg was founded in May 2005 by two young entrepreneurs, Mike Harvey and Mike Moffatt. Beyond their common first name, both share a passion for enhancing regulatory service, adapting a consulting business to rapid changes in technology and engaging clients. They hit the ground running by ensuring an online presence, expanding service offerings and setting high standards for quality. Word of mouth quickly lead to an increase in business that has created an environment of constant expansion and growth over Nexreg’s 11 year history. Here is where we are now.


We employ a great team.


Every consultant recruited by Nexreg is a university graduate, typically holding Bachelors and Masters level degrees in biology, chemistry, engineering and a number of other related fields. Nexreg strives to build a diversity of educational backgrounds in order to better respond to the multitude of regulatory issues presented by our clients.


We ensure rigorous training.


Although there is no official government mandated accreditation for professionals who author SDSs and provide regulatory compliance advice, we ensure that our consultants are well trained. Our regulatory specific training is a combination of In-house mentorship by senior staff, and a six month program with progressive advancement through our core competencies and the nuances of SDS authoring and label review.


To maintain high and consistent standards we utilize 3rd party industry experts to introduce GHS concepts and the latest developments in product classification and regulatory practices to our newest consultants. Once a consultant has completed the program and worked with clients for a period of time, they are periodically reviewed to ensure quality performance. When a consultant has achieved a reliable level of quality, they are encouraged and provided with opportunities to further their education in advanced environmental, health and safety topics that cover a worldwide scope.




We invest in quality


Beyond the training program, Nexreg invests heavily to ensure that our consultants and clients have access to quality EH&S regulatory information and technology. We have access to multiple 3rd party regulatory databases, authoring software and the ability to monitor and track industry and government source data. We use these resources to access chemical data, product transport information, official regulatory text, governmental guidance and more.


Just ask our clients! A large number of current and past clients have generously provided us with testimonials that attest to our quality and customer service. You can find these testimonials and more on our website, or by asking your Nexreg representative.



International Lubricants, Inc. has been very pleased with the international regulatory compliance services that Nexreg Compliance Inc. provides to us.  These services range from the generation of OSHA/WHMIS MSDS to CCCR compliance label reviews.  We can rely upon the accuracy of their information and their attention to detail.  In addition, their project turnaround times are excellent.


Wayne Everett, Ph.D.


International Lubricants, Inc.



We invest in speed.


Investments in quality are nothing without the ability to deliver in a timely fashion. The regulatory needs of our clients have firm deadlines which are often sudden and unexpected. We seek to ensure a transparent process from project start to finish, with open communication between us and our clients. Our turnaround times are the fastest in the industry, and we have a number of RUSH services to respond to our clients unexpected problems.


We reach out.


We believe in keeping our clients engaged in the regulatory process and well informed on new developments. To that end, Dr. Mike Moffatt, Nexreg’s Cofounder and Director of Communications spends a great deal of time developing regulatory content relevant to our clients. He presents this content through an engaging video and webinar series periodically throughout the year. If you have questions, Dr. Moffatt and his team will be quick to respond and happy to help.


Do you attend industry trade shows, conferences and meetings? Chances are you will see a Nexreg representative there. We constantly endeavor to research new opportunities to engage with our clients face to face, answer their questions and determine what we can do to solve their problems.


You can also reach us through our social media. Find us on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and you will be able to access regulatory content made available through our interactions with clients, industry professionals and other resources. Feel free to post!


We guarantee our work.


We stand behind our work and guarantee its accuracy and compliance with government standards and regulations. All of our service offerings use quality information that we can verify through several sources. Additionally, we have an extensive review process involving multiple consultants at every critical stage in a project. If an issue arises, swift and immediate action is taken to achieve resolution. Further, clients can rest assured knowing that all of our work is fully insured against errors and omissions. For more details please contact your Nexreg representative.


We are discrete and secure.


Our clients rely on us to safeguard their confidential information; a duty we take very seriously. Formally this is achieved through contractual terms with our clients and our employees. We also have a number of internal policies and procedures to prevent accidental release of confidential information. These internal practices are reviewed often.


Our server is secure, beyond extensive firewalls, antivirus software, anti-hacking software and 24hr IT support, physical access to the server is limited to key personnel. Digital access is granted only to those who are permitted as defined by contractual terms. Server access is routinely monitored. No document is released without client written approval.


We hope to work with you soon.


 Thank you for the opportunity to introduce our company! If you have any further questions, please contact your Nexreg representative and they will be happy to elaborate on any point made here. We’re looking forward to working with you!