Health Canada is now informing Canadians about the potential Health and Safety risks linked form buying both cosmetics and consumer products online.


Throughout the years there has been a rise in online purchases, with many Canadian consumers purchasing both their needs and wants online. However, although the procedure of buying products online is time effective and cost efficient, not all of the products reach Canadian laws and regulations.


When making product purchases online Health Canada wants consumers to follow two important steps to reduce health and safety problems from arising.


The two important steps are:



    1. Check all the recalls and safety alerts on the database for more information about the products that have been recalled, due to health and safety risks.


    1. Check the Canada Border Services Agency website to see what you can and cannot have shipped into the country.



Health Canada is regularly testing consumer products and cosmetics that are sold on the Canadian market and will be continuing to monitor all the new and emerging product safety issues in aims to keep consumers safe.


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