Indonesia SDS


Indonesia is finalizing Bahan Berbahaya dan Beracun (B3) to help with the management of hazardous and toxic substances.


Although the exact date of the implementation is unknown, Indonesia’s Ministry of Environment have reviewed the legislation, and has stated it is close to being released.


The expected changes to the legislation are:



    1. To match the classification with that of the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS);


    1. The list of chemicals and the types of chemicals;


    1. Substances that are intended to be placed on the market, for the first time, will need a risk analysis report; and


    1. The use of a team to monitor the regulation.



The chances to the legislation will affect the transports, imports, producers, and anything that stores hazardous chemicals, as they will need to register and submit notifications on the chemicals to authorities.


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