This news update on the Interactive Formulation Laboratory and Fragrance Zone  is brought to you by Special Chem.



Sophisticated product formulation has never been more vital as beauty consumers demand more from their make-up, skin and haircare routines. The dual trends of ever more natural/gentle ingredients and the increasingly blurred lines between products – such as haircare and fragrance, means research and development (R&D) continues to push the boundaries of what has been achieved so far.


Indeed latest intelligence from Mintel’s Global New Products Database highlights the fact that the category is moving towards highlighting what’s not in a formula – such as fragrance and dyes, as much as what is. And its beauty and personal care forecast report – Mixologiste, points to multifunctional make-up and skincare as the key mega trend moving forward. Meanwhile new fragrance formulations with added benefits – such as hairperfume with vitamins, pigments and UV filters are set to become standard.


To help foster greater understanding of fast moving R&D trends such as these and to offer practical advice, in-cosmetics Asia is debuting two innovative additions to its show – the Interactive Formulation Laboratory and the Fragrance Zone.



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