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The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) reinforces its ban on the use of lead in the production of consumer products, following the issuance of a chemical control order (CCO) for lead and lead compounds.


The CCO for lead, contained in DENR Administrative Order No. 2013-24, strictly prohibits the use of lead and lead compounds in the local manufacture of packaging for food and drink, toys, school supplies, cosmetics, water pipes and other consumer products.


Paje explains: “Since lead is a toxic substance, the regulation covers not only the production process, but starts at the importation of the chemical, to transport, recycling and even up to disposal of lead-containing wastes. Thus, the order also covers not only the manufacturers or industrial users but also the importers, distributors, recyclers, as well as the waste service providers like the transporters, waste treaters, and disposers.”



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