From: Health Canada

Health Canada has updated the recall for the Heart shaped pendant and plastic plug bracelet from December 22, 2011. A second item number/UPC code has been added for identification. Below is the recall with the updated information.

This recall involves metallic heart shaped pendants and plastic bracelets.

    • The pendants come with rhinestones on the edge in a variety of colours (pink, blue, purple, green etc.) and words on the front face such as “best friend”, “peace”, “princess”, “dream”, “truth” and “forever”. Pendants may have been sold with or without a metallic necklace. The pendants can be identified by item number U9FA 241 and UPC 06136694241.
    • The plastic bracelets with removable plastic plugs are sold in a variety of shapes and designs. The band attaches with a metallic snap. The bracelets can be identified by item number U9FA 898, U9FA 896, and UPC 061366948986 and 061366948962.

Health Canada’s sampling and evaluation program has revealed that the recalled piece of jewellery contains lead in excess of the allowable limit.

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