This consultation document is brought to you by Health Canada.

The Government of Canada published the proposed Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Concentration Limits for Certain Products Regulations in the Canada Gazette, Part I, on April 26, 2008. Environment Canada consulted with stakeholders on these proposed Regulations, which included approximately 100 product categories and sub-categories. Comments regarding the 2008 proposed Regulations and further suggestions submitted through subsequent consultations have resulted in additional revisions, which are being proposed and are outlined in detail in Section 4 of this document.

This consultation document provides background information and outlines the proposed path forward with respect to revising these proposed Regulations, with a view to developing a new regulatory proposal.

It is the intent of the Government of Canada to publish proposed Regulations for certain products in the Canada Gazette, Part I, in the summer of 2014. The final instrument would then be published in the summer of 2015.

The consultation will be followed by a 45-day comment period. Comments received during this period may be taken into consideration while drafting the proposed Regulations. Please submit comments in writing no later than March 7, 2013.

For more information and the full consultation document please refer to the link above.