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The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) and IndustriAll Europe are reminding companies, in particular SMEs, of their obligation to register the chemical substances they manufacture or import in amounts of 100 tonnes or more by 31 May 2013. The two organisations also point out that the REACH regulation (registration, evaluation and authorisation of chemicals) obliges companies that use hazardous substances to take steps to use them safely. To address this situation, they have published documents summing up the different measures and procedures to be observed.

According to the ETUC, too many companies still do not know about these obligations and could end up being penalised if they do not comply on time. To help them avoid penalties, the ETUC and IndustriAll Europe have decided to distribute information material to companies throughout the EU. The two trade union organisations will build on the network of member organisations, in particular their elected worker representatives in companies.

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