From: ECHA

ECHA has added twenty substances to the Candidate List which now contains seventy-three substances. Among these recent additions, twelve have been included in the Candidate List following the unanimous agreement of the Member State Committee while the other eight, which did not receive comments challenging the identification as SVHC during public consultation, were directly added to the Candidate List. Nineteen SVHCs are carcinogenic and/or toxic for reproduction. Additionally, for the first time a substance
4-tert-octyl phenol – has been identified as an SVHC because of its endocrine disrupting properties which give rise to an equivalent level of concern due to its probable serious effects to the environment.

Companies may have legal obligations resulting from the inclusion of substances in the Candidate List which may apply to the listed substances on their own, in mixtures or in articles.

Producers and importers of articles have six months from today to notify ECHA by 19 June 2012, if both of the following conditions apply: (i) the substance is present in those articles in quantities totalling over one tonne per producer or importer per year and (ii) the substance is present in those articles above a concentration of 0.1 % weight by weight. There are exemptions from the notification obligation if the substance is already registered for the use or when exposure can be excluded.

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