A recent article on ISHN discusses the benefits of outsourcing some aspects of your company’s chemical compliance:

Outsourcing is a cost-effective solution for bolstering EHS compliance practices in your company’s chemical management operations. With outsourcing, unbiased EHS experts assist your staff to identify the most effective areas to apply internal resources, and those that lend themselves to be outsourced to an expert third party. A service provider can tailor a solution specific to a company’s EHS, chemical information and compliance needs, and devise a plan that not only keeps the company out of legal trouble, but also aims for, and achieves, excellence.

The first step: determine where your company stands in regards to compliance and safety. Most companies working with a good outsourced provider conduct an initial compliance assessment to ascertain where EHS efforts succeed and where they need reinforcement. After this assessment, several programs might be put in place to better secure worker safety and come into alignment with compliance standards.

Outsourcing some of the more mundane tasks associated with compliance — such as obtaining and managing Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), regulatory reporting, chemical classification, training or waste management — can free up the internal EHS staff, enabling these professionals to focus on the more strategic tasks associated with implementing an outstanding EHS program.

In Nexreg’s experience companies can experience up to a 60% cost-saving and achieve quicker turn-around times on compliance projects through outsourcing.

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