This news release is brought to you by the ECHA.


This initiative takes place as part of ECHA’s preparation of an Annex XV restriction dossier on the possible expansion of the restriction on cadmium and its compounds to all plastic materials. This possible expansion of the restriction could cover those plastics that have not yet been restricted under paragraph 1 of entry 23 of Annex XVII of the REACH Regulation.


ECHA already had a more general call for evidence on the use of cadmium and cadmium compounds in plastics from 14 January to 11 February 2013. The status report of the information gathered so far is now available on ECHA’s website. ECHA has received information only from one company in the EU on how cadmium-based pigments are used in plastic materials. There are indications that other companies also use cadmium pigments in plastic materials in the EU. The expansion of the restriction to the use of cadmium and its compounds for all plastics – except for safety reasons as provided in entry 23 – may therefore have an impact on these companies.


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