More on the potential ban of 2,4-D in Canada:

The department’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency is expected to issue a final ruling on the safety of the herbicide, which is used to kill dandelions and other broadleaved plants, in early 2007. It issued a preliminary assessment indicating it favoured continued use of the product in February, 2005. A Health Canada spokeswoman said the government sent out the report in error. The department subsequently asked Weedman to take the report off its website, and the lawn company complied.

Edith Lachapelle, the spokeswoman, said she can understand why some people might accuse the agency of bias because the report was released but said, “It was a mistake.”

The herbicide is the target of an aggressive campaign by environmentalists and public health advocates, who say it is hazardous to spray 2,4-D close to homes, and an equally aggressive lobbying effort by some lawn-care companies defending its continued residential use.

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