From Chemistry World on some REACH growing pains:

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), which is responsible for running the European Union’s new Reach scheme to regulate the production and use of chemicals, is still struggling to put its IT system fully into operation more than two weeks after the start of the project’s pre-registration period.

Chemical producers and importers have six months (from 1 June) to pre-register the chemicals they handle – or face being forced to take them off the EU market.

The Helsinki, Finland-based ECHA had warned in May that it was having problems resolving teething problems with the system for bulk pre-registration of substances. But it indicated that its IT facility would be working properly within a fortnight of the start of pre-registration.

Now ECHA officials are saying that ‘sometime in the coming weeks’ its IUCLID 5 software for processing Reach data should be functioning effectively enough to handle pre-registrations of large numbers of chemicals from single files, which would allow companies to submit data on hundreds of chemicals virtually at the touch of a single button.

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