There has been a fair amount of interest in yesterday’s post on environmental claims in Canada – see Canada Competition Bureau Sees Red Over False Green Claims. As soon as the new guidelines are released, we will let you know.

Since it appears the bureau is starting to crack down on labels, it may be worth seeing if your product labels meet the current guidelines which are available at: Guidelines for Environmental Claims.

Environmental claims on products in Canada are to follow four guiding principles:

1) Those making environmental claims are responsible for ensuring that any claims and/or representations are accurate, and in compliance with the relevant legislation.

2) Consumers are responsible, to the extent possible, for appropriately using the information made available to them in labelling and advertising, thereby enhancing their role in the marketplace.

3) Environmental claims and/or representations that are ambiguous, vague, incomplete, misleading, or irrelevant, and that cannot be substantiated through credible information and/or test methods should not be used.

4) Claims and/or representations should indicate whether they are related to the product or the packaging materials.

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