From the Malay Mail:

SHOPS have begun to remove remaining stocks of polycarbonate infant milk bottles containing the banned chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) before such bottles are outlawed in eight months time.

This comes after Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai announcement yesterday that such milk bottles would no longer be allowed for sale from next March as it could endanger infants.

Countries which have already banned this chemical in milk bottles include Australia, Denmark, France, Germany and New Zealand. Earlier this month, the European Union (EU) announced an immediate ban in all EU member countries.

“We only heard of the BPA issue last month via the Internet,” said Norazlinati Abu Bakar, 38, who works at a baby shop.

“Baby milk bottles numbered 06 have BPA while 04 and 05 bottles don’t.”

She said bottles with BPA were retailed at RM17.90 and those without are priced higher at RM35.90. The brands available include Advent, Breastflow, Bibi and Dr Brown.

“After about six months of usage, BPA bottles eventually turn yellow as the chemicals start to seep. It turns yellow within two to three months if the bottles are heated in boiled water,” Norazlinati said, adding her employer has stopped ordering BPA bottles.

Enforcement of the ban here will be in stages and the baby milk bottle-making industry in this country have to comply by making changes to their production as well as the purchase of new raw materials.

The move is in line with the recent recommendations by the World Health Organisation.

We will keep you informed of any further regulatory changes related to BPA products.