This article is brought to you by the Toronto Sun. The article descibes the lengths Quebec will go to ensure equal language French prominence.


David Lipper said he had no idea his two Menchies Frozen Yogurt franchises in the Montreal area were carrying contraband. Lipper said he “was so paranoid to ensure everything in the store was in French” that he missed a pivotal item: the yogurt spoons.


Lipper’s oversight wasn’t just illegal, it was costly. Lipper said his mistake will cost his head office at least $30,000


The “cow” spoon is engraved with the words “sweet moosic!” The language inspector who paid a visit to Lipper’s yogurt shop a few days ago didn’t appreciate the play on words.


Lipper, a native Montrealer who moved to Los Angeles in 1991 to start a movie career, said the language inspector told him to “take the spoons out immediately,” so he did.


However, the language department issued a news release Friday morning that said an investigation into the spoons is ongoing, and that no order to destroy the spoons had been made.


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