This news update that discusses the Bill to phase out animal tests for cosmetics is brought to you by Special Chem.



Following two years of detailed work by Cruelty Free International in collaboration with National Assembly Member Moon Jeong-Lim, Cruelty Free International announced a package of progressive breakthroughs on animal testing in Korea.

The breakthrough includes a Bill to phase out animal tests for cosmetics which has won agreement from both the Ministry of Food and Drugs Safety (MFDS) and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (MAFRA), the Ministry responsible for animal testing.

In addition, MAFRA is reportedly planning to include a ban on animal testing for cosmetics in a 5 Year Plan for Animal Welfare Representative Moon’s Bill underpinning the process will be put to the Assembly with MFDS support in the coming months.

Nine alternative methods to animal tests have already been validated in Korea and two more are in the pipeline. Once these have been validated for use, the MFDS will publish official guidelines on the full set of alternatives.



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