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SEAC confirmed that the proposed restriction would be the most appropriate EU-wide measure to address the identified risks of chromium (VI) in leather articles in terms of the proportionality between socio-economic costs and benefits. SEAC’s opinion is based on its previous draft opinion and the opinion of the Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC), adopted in December 2012.

According to the REACH Regulation, the draft opinion to restrict chromium (VI) in leather articles was submitted to a 60-day public consultation. Based on the comments received, the Committee did not consider it necessary to change its opinion. However, a transitional period of 12 months and derogation for second hand market markets and stocks were added to the draft opinion. Including the transitional arrangement, the restriction on chromium (VI) in leather articles could enter into force in the first part of 2015.

Furthermore, SEAC agreed on a draft opinion on the restriction proposal for 1,4-dichlorobenzene in air fresheners and toilet blocks, and concluded that the proposed restriction is the most appropriate EU-wide measure. Based on the RAC conclusion that a risk is identified for both domestic and professional users, SEAC is of the opinion that a restriction on air fresheners and toilet blocks containing 1,4-dichlorobenzene is justified and proportionate for both categories of users.

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