AMonline has a terrific primer on U.S. food labeling law. In Food Packages’ Dual Challenge: Inform and Sell Emily Refermat discusses the issue:

This means vending operators have a lot to convey in a small space that should also entice. Once upon a time, consumers didn’t expect as much. Competitive “to-go” food wasn’t as prevalent. Vend food was a convenience people appreciated and they didn’t give much thought to the packaging. The labels on these products were simple: the product name was on a sticker only slightly larger than a postage stamp.

This label is gone, said Larry Eils, NAMA’s senior technical director, and anything like it is violating federal law. “I would guess 25 percent or less (of operators still use incorrect labeling) despite all the work we have done to get the word out,” said Eils.

Labels are one of the most important pieces of today’s fresh food packaging. It’s the place to address nutritional concerns, safety concerns and merchandise effectively.

Labels produced in commissaries must list the product name, package weight, expiration date and company information all in a certain size font. But that’s not all.

I highly recommend newcomers to U.S. food labeling law read the full article here.