The OEHHA has proposed some “changes without regulatory effect:

OEHHA is proposing to move the Proposition 65 regulations from Title 22 to Title 27 of the California Code of Regulations (CCR). In 1987 the original lead agency for implementation of Proposition 65 regulations was the Health and Welfare Agency. For this reason, the Proposition 65 regulations were placed in Title 22, together with other Health and Welfare regulations. In 1991, Governor Wilson designated OEHHA as the lead agency for Proposition 65 implementation when OEHHA and its parent entity, the California Environmental Protection Agency, were established. The regulations have remained in Title 22. Placing Proposition 65 regulations in Title 27, together with other environmental regulations, would facilitate future searches by stakeholders. This is a non-substantive renumbering process; no material changes will be made to the regulation as part of this action.

OEHHA is offering an opportunity for the public to comment on this proposed non-substantive change.

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