This press release is brought to you by the ECHA.

Citizens and organisations are invited to comment on ECHA’s draft Multi-Annual Work Programme 2014-2018 for the coming five years, which is structured around the Agency’s four long-term strategic goals.

ECHA’s new Multi-Annual Work Programme (MAWP) 2014-2018 is ECHA’s first five-year strategic plan built around four strategic objectives that set out a high level, aspirational approach to achieving a broad and long-term perspective on the safe use of chemicals in Europe.

The involvement of the public in matters related to ECHA’s activities is an integral part of the success of the Agency. The effective implementation of the REACH, CLP, Biocidal Products and PIC Regulations requires the collaboration of many players. It depends upon companies, ECHA’s institutional partners at the EU level, Member States and key stakeholders playing their parts. By commenting on the ECHA draft Multi-Annual Work Programme for 2014 -2018, the public can help the Agency to be engaged more directly and widely with its audiences in the development of more citizen-centered actions and deliveries.

Individuals, civil society and industry organisations are invited to provide their comments from their area of interest and expertise. ECHA is looking forward to receiving comments by 15 July 2013 and will take them into account when finalising the MAWP. The draft programme is available in 23 EU languages.

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