From the Government of Mexico – Draft amendments to the Norma Oficial Mexicana NOM-017-STPS-2001, Personal Protective Equipment-selection, use and management in the workplace, to be as PROY-NOM-017-STPS-2007, Personal Protective Equipment – Selection, use and management in the workplace. A google translate version of the amendments here:

The Bill clarifies, updates and supplements the health and safety requirements with which employers must have in the workplace for the selection, use and management of personal protective equipment (PPE), with the aim to protect workers physical agents and working environment which can damage their health and integrity.

It reorganizes the standard for ease of application and the procedure is included conformity assessment that establishes the criteria for compliance with each provision, which gives legal certainty to individuals in the process of inspection and verification centres work.

The draft changes the identification and selection of an EPP Mandatory Appendix to a Reference Guide, which gives the employer the option to use other methods to determine the personal protective equipment for their employees and visitors center work. This means an improvement since it was reduced from three to two, the tables for determining the personal protective equipment, which allows better information management and the precise contents of the records of the selection of protective equipment staff.

Click on the link above for the Google translate version, or click here for the Spanish version.