The Star Bulletin discusses Food labeling in Hawaii:

The label should have indicated all the ingredients found in the product.

Based on your query, an inspector from the state Department of Health’s Food and Drug Branch visited the supermarket and the food company (although it was not the one you named), and found the choi sum with tofu product mislabeled, said Branch Supervisor Lori Nagatoshi.

Specifically, the label did not list the sub-ingredients of the bonito powder, which includes MSG, she said.

The company was cited for “misbranding” the product and ordered to redo all labels to properly state all ingredients, she said.

You did well to question the labeling.

Food inspectors do find errors in labeling, either as part of routine manufacturing inspections, which include a label review process, or while checking on a complaint like yours, Nagatoshi said.

Unless mislabeling continues, the Food and Drug Branch seeks to keep businesses in compliance mainly through education, she said.

A fair amount of detail on Hawaii’s food labeling laws available at: Labels should disclose the presence of MSG.