The news update, New Format for Online Forms, was sent by Health Canada on Friday.



Based on Government of Canada Guidelines for Web Content Accessibility, Health Canada has committed to the replacement of PDF forms with HTML forms, which are expected to be launched in Summer 2016.  Once the HTML forms are available, you will no longer be able to use or submit the PDF forms online.

This update will impact the following forms:



    • Incident Report Forms (for Consumers and Industry to report an incident or event involving a consumer product or cosmetic)


    • Form for submitting additional documents to Health Canada



What this means for you:

For cosmetic industry members: If you have notified Health Canada about a cosmetic product using the PDF form and need to make an amendment/discontinuation, OR if you intend to submit additional information on an incident, you are encouraged to send the changes using the current PDF forms as soon as possible.  Note that once the HTML form is available, and you need to inform Health Canada of an amendment/discontinuation to a cosmetic notification, you will have to manually re-enter all the information related to your cosmetic product. This is due to the fact that the information from a saved PDF form cannot be imported into the new HTML form.



For more information about the HTML form update and where to find the current PDF forms, visit the Health Canada website or find the links above. Please contact Nexreg for more information and guidance about Cosmetic Labeling and Health Canada Compliance.