From The Haaretz:

…In Europe the nonprofit Antidote organization, headed by an Israeli, Dr. Andre Menache, has embarked on a public campaign to ban use of BPA. Antidote, which engages mainly in research concerning public health, has appealed to the president of the European Parliament, Prof. Jerzy Buzek, with a request to examine the risks inherent in the substance.

A year ago, the European Union defined a threshold level at which exposure to BPA is harmless. However, Menache argues that the risk assessment process did not take into account daily exposure to the substance and cannot be relied upon for determining risks.

In Israel to date no government restrictions have been imposed on products with BPA. “There is uncertainty as to the affects of low-level exposure to it,” the Health Ministry stated last week. “However, a panel of public health services experts at the ministry will examine ways of decreasing babies’ and young children’s exposure to it…”

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