From a recent release:

The Natural Health Products (NHP) Ingredients Database has been modified to
meet additional requests for change and added features which were not part
of our previous release…

We have also revised the following guidance documents:

– NHP On-line System Standard Terminology Guidance Document – The
objective of this document is to provide guidance on the scientific
standards and terminologies which have been adapted to facilitate the
exchange and practical use of natural health product information in the NHP
On-Line System.

– NHP Ingredients Database Web Application Guidance Document – This
guide was developed to help users understand how to search and navigate the
NHP Ingredients Database using the on-line Web application. It also
provides an overview of the database, the use of the web application and
guidance on using the search functionality and navigation of the detailed
ingredient information.

To obtain a copy of these guidance documents, please write to

More information on the regulation of natural health products in Canada can be found here.