An important notice from Health Canada:

UPDATE – Strategy for the Licensing of Natural Health Products (NHPs) with Drug Identification Numbers (DINs)

The purpose of the following notice is to clarify the product licensing application process (i.e. the process for obtaining a NPN or DIN-HM) for those natural health products (NHPs) currently holding Drug Identification Numbers (DIN) issued prior to January 1, 2004. This updated notice supersedes the original notice published earlier this year in April 2007.

Since April 10, 2007, all Transitional DIN Product Licence Applications received by the NHPD must include the information listed below (see: Transitional DIN Application Requirements) or the application may be refused. For Transitional DIN Product Licence Applications received before April 10, 2007 that do not meet the requirements listed below, the applicants have been or will soon be contacted by the NHPD and given the opportunity to complete their applications accordingly.

See the article for the full details.

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