Remember, just a month to go for pre-registrations! has a terrific primer on REACH:

If a pre-registration window that is open until the end of November is missed then substances cannot be imported or sold until fully registered, and the safety data and risk assessments could take many months to prepare.

Substances of Very High Concern or SVHCs are the most hazardous chemicals and can be toxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic, reproductive toxins and harmful to the environment. These may need to be “authorised” for use and such authorisation will not be given if there are safer alternatives, or if the substance cannot be safely controlled…

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are required when a substance or preparation (but not articles) are supplied to any user in the EU where certain criteria are met. This would include dangerous substances as classified by the Dangerous Substances Directive, persistent, bioaccumulative or toxic substances or those deemed as of very high concern.

The costs of registration are significant and depend on the tonnage and size of company…

Clearly, some manufacturers will prefer to discontinue a product rather than put it through the REACH process. As a result, the EC estimate that 2 percent of all substances will be made obsolete.

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