In follow-up of our post earlier this week on the Impact of GHS on WHMIS:

As GHS is soon becoming implemented in Canada there are going to be many changes to the current WHMIS system. WHMIS After GHS-An Overview briefly describes all the changes GHS is bringing to Canadian regulations. Information for Suppliers and Importers discusses the responsiblilties under WHMIS after GHS, and what can be done to prepare for the upcoming change. Information for Employers states the duties and requirements under WHMIS after GHS comes into effect.

Hazard Classes for WHMIS after GHS states the specific classifications and hazard communication that will soon become more standardized under GHS. Symbols/Pictograms represent the different hazards of WHMIS after GHS.
WHMIS after GHS will have a standardized format on the new 16 section Safety Data Sheets (SDSs). Supplier labels after GHS will also have a specific list of product information which must be disclosed.

The above links provide summarized information pages for each specific topic in relation to WHMIS after GHS.

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