From: USA Today

More than 95% of consumer products marketed as “green,” including all toys surveyed, make misleading or inaccurate claims, says a report today.

The report comes as the Federal Trade Commission is proposing stricter advertising rules. In updating its Green Guides, last revised in 1998, it warns companies not to make blanket claims such as “eco-friendly” or cite unqualified certifications (a paper towel product once claimed it “fights global warming.”)

The report finds that 30.9% of the products surveyed had fake labels, whereas 67.3% had vague claims and 70.1% made claims without proof. It notes there are many legitimate third-party green certifiers including EcoLogo, Fair Trade Certified, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), Green Guard, Green Seal, Rainforest Alliance, UL Environment, Water Sense and USDA Organic.

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