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Process safety excellence still eludes most process manufacturers. It can be defined as having employees who all are genuinely proficient and competent in their requisite technical disciplines and having the appropriate levels of knowledge embedded in key positions throughout an organization with a mechanism for longevity. Or, more simply: “having the right people, with the right skills, implementing appropriately designed process safety programs, motivated by the right organizational culture, in the right way.”


Results are far reaching and include protecting the workforce, facility, and the environment; maintaining stakeholder confidence; and complying with all legislation and avoiding regulatory intervention.


The catastrophic explosion at a Texas fertilizer warehouse in April 2013 has increased national awareness of the issues regarding hazardous chemicals and the potential community effects of a major incident. This incident also has increased concern regarding thermally unstable materials. Reactive and unstable materials are not currently included in the listing of highly hazardous chemicals in the OSHA Process Safety Management regulation (PSM, 29 CFR 1910.119).



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