Beginning this week an American State will be seeing a new warning sign on their food and drink containers.


Bisphenol A, commonly known as BPA, was once a trusted chemical used to improve a products shelf life and prevent bacteria contamination. Nowadays, there has been a turn of events for BPA. The chemical is now known as toxic and is a cause for a variety of cancers and reproductive harm.


California’s Proposition 65 (Prop 65), an act that helps insure Californians about the risks potential risks of chemicals, has required the State to have new warning labels and signs regarding the chemical. The consumer will now see the name of the chemical, how exposure of the chemical can occur and how Californians can avoid exposure to BPA.


Instead of banning the chemical, Californian State hopes having both BPA listed on Prop 65, and detailed warning labels on consumer products will be the driving force for companies to
Prop 65stop using the chemical.


For more information about Prop 65s warning labels please visit Please contact Nexreg for information about Prop 65 Compliance.