Health Canada is proposing amendments to the Natural Health Products Regulations (NHPR). The public comment period on Canada Gazette, Part I: Regulations Amending the Natural Health Products Regulations is open and can be found here.

The use of Natural health products (NHP) among Canadians has been increasing and is expected to increase due to factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic, spread of information through the internet and individual self-care. When important information on NHP labels is not displayed in a clear, organized format, consumers and healthcare professionals can have difficulty reading, locating, and comparing such information.

Health Canada is proposing to amend the NHPR to improve labelling of NHPs so the information is clear and comprehensible for consumers and is in alignment with regulations for similar non-prescription drugs.

The objectives of this proposal are to:

• Improve the safe use of NHPs by making labels easier to read for consumers;
• Protect the health and safety of Canadians due to ineffective label information; and
• Make amendments to clarify the current requirements of the NHPR.

The amendments Health Canada are proposing would require:
• A standardized facts table
• A clearer, more prominent displayed label text (requirements for text size and colour)
• Bolded warning statements for allergens, gluten, and aspartame (“Allergy alert:” for food allergens or gluten, or “Contains aspartame”)
• Manufacturers or importers to list an e-mail address, telephone number, or web address instead of a postal address

The proposed amendments would also help to align Canada’s regulations with the United States, the European Union, and Australia.

If approved, the proposed regulations would come into force three years after registration. This does not include the amendments to the NHPR to clarify existing procedures, which would come into force upon registration. Once in force, new products that have not been licensed will be required to follow the new amendments. For products that have been license and labelled, an additional three-year grace period will be given to companies to comply with the amendments.

Comments on the proposal has been extended to September 24, 2021 (from September 4, 2021).

Any questions can be directed to the Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate at: