This news update discussing the classification of bisphenol A is brought to you by ECHA.



The French proposal to classify bisphenol A (BPA) as a presumed human reproductive toxicant which may damage fertility has been unanimously supported by RAC.


Helsinki, 19 March 2014 – The Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC) has adopted an opinion to strengthen the existing harmonised classification and labelling (CLH) of BPA from a category 2 reproductive toxicant to a category 1B reproductive toxicant regarding the adverse effects on sexual function and fertility in line with a proposal from the French competent authority.


BPA already has a harmonised classification in Annex VI to the CLP Regulation as a substance suspected to damage fertility, that may cause respiratory irritation and allergic skin reaction, and as a substance that causes serious eye damage. The RAC opinion solely covers the adverse effects on sexual function and fertility as only these types of main reproductive toxic effects were proposed for revision by France.



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