This news update regarding the REACH 2018 Roadmap is brought to you by ECHA.



For the last REACH registration deadline, ECHA is expecting a significantly larger amount of small and medium-sized enterprises to register for the first time. Large companies may also have hundreds of chemicals in their portfolios to register.


To support all, ECHA has prepared a detailed plan called the REACH 2018 Roadmap, in close consultation with its stakeholders. The roadmap describes the different milestones and support services that ECHA plans to give to the registrants from now until the deadline.


Similarly to the REACH 2018 web pages published in October 2014, the REACH 2018 Roadmap is based on the seven phases of a successful registration process. For each phase, the relevant milestones and an estimated timing for them is presented. ECHA invites all stakeholders to complement ECHA’s actions to make sure that registrants are given the widest possible support network. ECHA is also constantly monitoring the progress in order to react in time if new obstacles for registration are identified.


“The REACH 2018 deadline may now seem distant but I really urge companies to start preparing now in order to meet the deadline successfully. All support material will be available in 23 EU languages and together with the national helpdesks and our industry stakeholders, we are committed to supporting the companies,” says ECHA’s Executive Director Geert Dancet.



For more information regarding the REACH 2018 Roadmap, please visit the ECHA link above. Please contact Nexreg for REACH Compliance.