By: Darren Dunn – Chemical Regulatory Consultant


On December 18th, 2006, the European Union released a new regulation named Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH).  The purpose of REACH is to address the potential impacts of chemical substances on human health and the environment.  REACH legislation is considered to be the most complex and strict law relating to chemical substances, and has had affects on industries all over the world. REACH consulting services are required to help companies understand and process the legislation.


REACH applies to any and all chemicals produced or imported in the EU. This means that any company dealing with REACH is required to register their substance with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). To ease the process of registering hundreds of thousands of chemicals, Substance Information Exchange Forums (SIEFs) have been formed.  These forums allow legal forces to create 1 registration report for the same substance.  Reach consulting services can help facilitate communication, data sharing, and complete complex decisions, all of which are required for SIEFs to be successful.


One of the major aspects of REACH is the obligation to communicate information on chemicals to ensure manufacturers, importers, and customers are aware of any health and safety concerns of products.  Retailers are required to provide information about chemicals in their products within 45 days if requested by a customer. This request can be a challenge as retailers do not always have access to detailed information of the substances in their products.   However, this should promote retailers to work with manufacturers to remove any harmful chemicals in their products.


Aside from the cost to industry, REACH has caused a lot of controversy surrounding the use of animals testing. REACH states that animal tests on vertebrates are allowed once per substance and only in situations where an alternative cannot be found. Furthermore, companies can pay for these tests, and sell the results for an undefined ‘reasonable’ price. Concerns arise as necessary information may be very costly for REACH registrants needed to obtain test results.


Nexreg offers REACH Consulting services for companies that are required to follow REACH as the regulations are complex and strict.  Nexreg will provide you with a team of professionals to assist your company with risk assessments, fulfilling data requirements, and handling administrative responsibilities associated with REACH. 


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