As of May 31st, 2018, all companies that manufacture or import chemical substances into the EU, in the amount of one tonne or greater per year, must register the substances with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).


This also applies to pre-registered substances being manufactured and imported that are at or above one tonne but not more than 100 tonnes per year and have not been previously registered through REACH.


The registration process may present a challenge for businesses wishing to import into the EU as the process can be both costly and challenging. Organizations will need to have a European registered legal entity, or they will need to appoint an Only Representative (OR).


Organisations that do not comply with this REACH requirement, could be excluded from trade within the EU. This could lead to possible disruptions in business operations.


REACH 2018 will become the most comprehensive chemicals database in the world by the gathering of data on substances in the EU. Once the final phase is carried out, it will lead to an improvement in the overall environment and human health within Europe. The goal is for the increased knowledge on chemicals and their uses to result in future innovations.


This is the final REACH registration deadline for substances imported at one tonne or greater within the EU. Please contact our Nexreg team for more information about this deadline and the steps you can take to follow compliance.


Ensure you are compliant with any upcoming EU regulations, stay tuned for more information.


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