From the NHPD Monthly Communiqué on labeling of natural health products:

The following provides clarification on the labelling guidelines for extremely small packages. NOTE – The Labelling Guidance Document currently available online is in the process of being updated with these new guidelines.

The labelling provisions for natural health products are outlined under section 93 (Next link will open in a new window) section 93 of the Natural Health Products Regulations. In the case of small packages, reduced labelling requirements exist, which are found under section 94 (Next link will open in a new window) section 94. However, certain stakeholders have expressed concerns over their ability to meet even the reduced labelling requirements due to the extremely small size of their packages. To accommodate cases of extremely small or special packages, the Natural Health Products Directorate (NHPD) has developed and implemented the following guidelines.

The full information available here: NHPD Monthly Communiqué.