Electronics Supply and Manufacturing on REACH:

Make sure that your supply network understands REACH and its need to pre-register otherwise your company may face a potential supply disruption.

The new European Union-wide law entitled “Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals”, or REACH, went into effect on June 1, 2007. The title would make one think that it’s a chemical-related law, so why do manufacturers of electronic products, termed “articles” in REACH-speak, need to worry about a chemical substance regulation?

Here’s why: electronic products are manufactured with and from literally thousands of chemical substances. Most substances will be subject to registration under the REACH legislation, and certain substances of very high concern will be subject to authorization, which could eventually result in their restriction.

While RoHS made us think about only six hazardous substance groups , which ultimately equates to about 100 substances when materials such as oxides and the various congeners of the flame retardants are considered, there are still many toxic and otherwise hazardous substances used in electronic and electromechanical products as well as in their manufacture today.

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