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There is wide variability in the consistency of information in registration dossiers on substance identity, according to the preliminary findings of a study for the European Commission.


The study was commissioned after the REACH Review, published in 2013. The Commission says some registration dossiers were non-compliant because of substance identity issues and that more needed to be done to help companies improve the quality of such information, particularly for substances of unknown or variable composition, complex reaction products or biological materials (UVCBs).


To provide more clarity on the issue, the Commission’s industry directorate, DG GROW, launched the SIDC project last year to analyse the problem areas, and to identify good practice (CW 27 March 2014). It is due to finish by the end of this year, and its final report is expected to contain several sector-specific factsheets on substance ID issues.


Some of the project’s early findings were presented at a recent DG GROW workshop in Brussels. This heard that substance groups analysed, include:


    • substances resulting from combustion processes, such as ashes;


    • substances resulting from metallurgical processes; and


    • substances resulting from calcinations and smelting processes.




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