Taiwan’s Food and Drug Administration (TFDA), carried out a survey on Taiwan’s cosmetics retail market and found many products not following the general compliance rules.


The survey found that 21 of 130 products failed to follow the countries labelling requirements. The noncompliant products include:


–       Sunscreen lotions;


–       Hair dyeing products; and


–       Perm preparation products.


Some of the noncompliant products also contained salicylic acid and biocide triclocarban, which both must comply with the concentration limits. 20 of the 21 labels also had ingredients that were not listed on the Chinese Language labels.


Another survey conducted in April, showed 32 out of 160 cosmetics purchased over the Internet also did not meet the labelling requirements.


Many of the products tested showed that they contained microorganisms and preservatives, which raise concerns for children’s health.


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