An article on ConsumerAffairs discusses a $1 million settlement by Pepsico for a Prop 65 violation:

Pepsi has agreed to eliminate leaded labels on bottled soft drinks imported from Mexico to resolve California’s allegations that Pepsi violated the state’s Proposition 65 by failing to warn consumers the bottles’ labels contained lead, a toxic substance that can cause birth defects, learning disabilities and cancer.

Prop. 65 and other state food safety laws would be pre-empted by a bill recently passed by the U.S. House and currently awaiting a vote in the Senate — H.R. 4167, “The National Uniformity for Food Act of 2005.” If the federal legislation had been law, Pepsi could have continued to sell Mexican sodas in bottles with leaded labels until the federal government took action.

“This settlement is a classic example of why California’s Proposition 65 is a law that works,” said state Attorney General Bill Lockyer. “Not only does the law require manufacturers to warn the public about the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals, it gives companies incentive to make their products safer. I congratulate Pepsi for meeting that challenge, taking the path of responsible corporate conduct and helping reduce Californians’ exposure to this extremely dangerous substance.”

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