An article in the San Luis Obispo Tribune discusses “bounty hunters” who find companies who are not complying with Prop 65 regulations and keep a share of the fines:

Seven local wineries have been targeted by a Bay Area resident for allegedly failing to notify the public that cancer-causing chemicals are used in the artwork on the outside of some wine glasses.

The wineries are among hundreds of businesses statewide that Russell Brimer has targeted and among the dozen county businesses that have received similar notices of violations in the last six months, often filed by so-called bounty-hunters who collect penalties for the government and keep a cut of the money.

There are not similar programs in Canada, but a disgruntled former employee or competitor could cost a company a great deal of money by reporting consumer labels which are not compliant with CCCR-2001, for example. Having a regulatory compliance expert examine your company’s labels can prevent this kind of thing from happening.

Source: San Luis Obispo Tribune.