A recent announcement by the EPA on their ToxCast program; here is a snippet:

Riding the wave of the future, EPA’s ToxCastTM program looks to revolutionize the agency’s chemical toxicity evaluation procedures.

Today, EPA’s National Center for Computational Toxicology released a list of 340 chemicals that will be evaluated under Phase I of the ToxCastTM research program. This three-phased program sets priorities for toxicity testing of environmental chemicals in order to more efficiently obtain critical information necessary to protect people and the environment.

“When complete, the ToxCast™ Program will allow EPA to test thousands of environmental chemicals quickly for harmful effects. EPA will enter a new era of environmental chemical testing, which will allow the agency to better protect human health and the environment,” said Dr. George Gray, assistant administrator for the Office of Research and Development…


More information on ToxCast: epa.gov/ncct/toxcast/news.html

The full release available here: ToxCast Phase I Chemicals Announced (EPA).