Plastic Microbeads that are < 5mm in size have been added to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act- which is the countries list of toxic substances.


The Canadian Government stated that they intend to prohibit the import, manufacture, and sale of the microbeads that are found in a variety of consumer products, such as face wash and toothpaste.


Canada’s scientific review believes that the substances may constitute both an immediate and long-term effect on both human health and the environment, as these microbeads are commonly found being built up in the waterways.


The phase out of microbeads in Canada has already began, however in 2015 Canada imported 100,000kg of plastic microbeads used for personal care. The phase out is continuing, with many CCTFA members have already completed the phase out in 2016.


For more information please visit, Chemical Watch and the Canada Gazette. Please contact Nexreg for information about Health Canada Compliance.