In September 2015, Health Canada ordered Alberta’s Orange TKO Industries Inc. to recall and stop the sale of the “Orange TKO Super Concentrated All Purpose Cleaner”.


 The company sold the product with labels that weren’t compliant with the Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations, 2001 (CCCR) (SOR /2001-269), sections 22 and 23, and subsections 24(1)(c), 24(1)(d), 24(2), 26(1)(a), 26(1)(b), 26(1)(c), 29(b), 31(a), 31(b), 31(c), and 39(1). The product also failed to contain child-resistant packaging. The Orange TKO Super Concentrated Cleaner, also posed a serious threat to Human Health with reports that the product had high levels of chemical D-limonene, a chemical that if aspiration occurred could lead to chemical pneumonia or death.


As a result, the violation was classified as serious under Health Canada, and on February 11th, 2016, Orange TKO Industries Inc. were issued with a $20,000 fine per violation that was made.


  For more information about the recall, visit Health Canada. Please contact Nexreg for Health Canada Compliance and CCCR, 2001.