Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) must contain the following:

–     An identification that includes the product identifier, distributer or manufacturer name.

–     The manufacturers, identifier of distributers, address, phone number, emergency phone number, the recommended use, and the restrictions of use.

–     The hazard identification, which includes all hazards regarding the chemical with the required label elements.

–     Both the composition and information on ingredients. This includes information about the chemical ingredients and any trade secret claims.

–     The first-aid measures including important symptoms or effects, (both acute and delayed), and the required treatment.

–     Fire-fighting measures that include, extinguishing techniques and equipment, as well as chemical hazards from fire.

–     Accidental release measures that include, emergency procedures, protective equipment, and proper methods of containment and cleanup.

–     Handling and storage includes precautions for safe handling and storage, including incompatibilities.

–     Stability and reactivity include chemical stability and possibility of hazardous reactions.

–     Both physical and chemical properties include the chemical’s characteristics.

–     Toxicological information that includes routes of exposure, related symptoms, and numerical measures of toxicity.

–     Disposal considerations

–     Transport information

–     Regulatory information

–     Ecological Information

–     The exposure controls and personal protection. This includes OSHA’S permissible exposure limits (PELs) etc.

–     Other information that includes the date of preparation or last revision.