Safety Data Sheets, commonly known simply as SDSs, are detailed bulletins prepared by a manufacturer or importer of a chemical. The information on SDSs help aid the selection of safe products and prepares both employers and employees how to respond effectively to the daily exposure of the chemicals, as well as emergency situations.


With this comes Employer Responsibilities and Employee Rights:




Employer Responsibilities



Employee Rights



–          All employers must ensure that every employee has knowledge on how to find information on an SDS.


–          To make sure employees know how to make use of the information.


–          Employers must ensure the following is provided:


    • Information for each hazardous chemical.


    • Training on Safety Data Sheets.


    • Complete and accurate SDSs during each work shift.




–          Every workplace is required to have safety data sheets available for every hazardous chemical. and any substances that employees may encounter in their place of work.


–          SDSs also must be available at any time. In other words, they cannot be locked in an office or cabinet that is difficult for an employee to have access to.



For more information, please visit OSHA Oregon. Please contact Nexreg for SDS/MSDS Services.