This news update on CheLIST is brought to you by Chemical Watch.



The EU’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) has launched its Chemical Lists Information System (CheLIST), which can be used to find out if a chemical has been tested in a major EU or international research project. It also provides information on which regulatory inventories chemicals appear in.


The JRC’s EU Reference Laboratory for Alternatives to Animal Testing (EURL Ecvam) set up the tool for scientists to identify reference or benchmark chemicals, when developing and validating alternative tests. “Having the right set of reference chemicals allows rigorous and systematic evaluation of a method’s performance, which is necessary to understand its strengths and limitations, build confidence in the information it provides and to indicate where and how it can be most successfully applied,” it says.


The system draws information from a wide range of sources. This is stored according to chemical identifiers, such as CAS number and chemical structure. EURL Ecvam suggests that CheLIST could be used to show which REACH registered chemicals have also been tested for the US ToxCast programme. It can also help identify which set of chemicals used in Seurat-1 and Tox21 have a particular structural motif.



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